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Optimizing your time

We’re always trying to find ways to be more efficient, more productive and make the best use of our time. Google’s Head of Product Marketing at Google Apps for Work, Jeremiah Dillon, sent a motivational/instructional email to his team about time management. The email,...

IT automation and the role of the CIO

Businesses, now more than ever, have to manage large amounts of data, and the volume is only expected to increase. As this article notes, CIOs must work with their IT teams to find the most effective ways to obtain and analyze available data. Having access to current...

IT professionals eager for automation

New research from smart automation specialist “arago” reveals that, amongst IT workers at least, more automation leads to greater job satisfaction. 85% of IT professionals say that intellectually stimulating activity is the most important factor in their...

How to Beat Workplace Productivity Killers

Did you know companies lose an average of $4,800 per year due to employees spending time “looking for stuff”? In addition to physically decluttering your workplace, organizing your data with a document management system would enable you to find the documents you need...
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