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A Break-Up Letter to Your Filing System

In a letter that opens with “Dear Forlorn Filing System,” a business woman “breaks up” with her outdated filing system. While it worked at the time of its inception (20 years ago), she admits, it’s no longer cutting it. Here’s why: The average company spends $20 in...

5 Ways To Improve Workplace Productivity

Workplace Productivity An increasing number of articles on workplace productivity have understandably centered on employee satisfaction. As this article points out, jobs are more transient than ever before, so consider just how easy it is for an unhappy employee to...

7 Ways to Improve Office Productivity in 2016

This article defines productivity as how much work employees are doing. But we should also consider the timeframe in which they are doing the work and the value of the work. Would you consider an employee productive if he or she worked very hard for hours on something...
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