Fourth Quarter Newsletter

The end of 2022 is fast approaching to make sure you’re briefed on important dates, news and information; and to provide you with tips on how to make the most of your ACOM software. We appreciate your business and attention; and as always, your Client Care Team remains readily available for any sales  inquiries and any support issues. For the quickest reply please use  And, as an ACOM customer you also have direct access to our client care management:  As you can see, this Newsletter is on-line, so please bookmark the page and visit from time to time. We’ll be adding information, new promotions and updates throughout the quarter.

As end-of-year is approaching please don’t forget to get your request in early if you are needing any 2021 Tax forms changed or created. IRS documents are time-sensitive forms, so please et your request in before the year ends.

The Importance of Your Feedback

We’ve continued to reach out to customers for your feedback throughout 2022. Customer feedback is an insight into what’s working well with your ACOM software and what you think should be done to make your experience even better. Feedback is vital as it helps us focus on providing you the best customer experience at every touchpoint.

Please take a minute to let us know how we’re doing – and we also want to share your input among the customer community. A brief comment will do and we’ll post it along with your company logo!  Have a look at the responses ACOM customers have already shared. Please send your comments to

Thanks from Your Client Care Team,.

Accounts Receivable and Remittance Processing Inquiry

Thank You to all of our customers who answered our request to share the difficulties they have in processing remittances in Account Receivable. Your input is valuable in determining key elements in our product design and development. We’re continuing on in these discussions and are interested in having someone from the eTreem AR Process improvement Team talk with more of you. Please contact us and we’ll set it up – it’s not a sales call

Software Release Information and Compatibility

Compatibility Scale:

11.0.00 – 11.2.00 will run on Operating System V7R2MO or lower
Current ACOM Software release:16.1.00

11.3.00 – 14.1.00 will run on Operating System V7R3MO or lower
15.1.00 – 16.1.00 will run on Operating System V7R4MO or lower

  • IBMi Operating System 7.4 refresh 5 has been tested with Acom 16.0.01
  • IBMi Operating System 7.4 refresh 6 has been tested with Acom 16.0.01
  • IBMi Operating System 7.5 has been tested with Acom 16.0.01

Current EZDesigner Pro Release:16.0.00

For the fastest response from Client Care Support email us

Customer Access

Please remember that all customers with current maintenance have access to our Customer Care Center where you’re able to:

  • Download the latest version of the software
  • Obtain manuals and documentation on ACOM software
  • Download an Emergency Security Code.  (This code is good for 3 days, and once it is used once it is no longer valid, so do not download and test).
  • Check out the news and announcements section.

If you are new to the Software there are some basic training videos, great for new associates.

Clearing Printer Memory

Instead of powering off/on to clear printer memory when using the Forms module:
From the Acom main menu:

  • Key 1   eForms
  • Key 10 Delete resources from printer
  • Put the outq name in, press enter.

This is a helpful operation when your user(s) are working from home.

Obtaining a Blueprint of Spool Files

To get a blueprint of your spool file, merge (Form) SPLGRDHP with your spool file.  This will print out a grid with your spool file on it. A good tool to use when creating a new form/Check.

Security Codes

When needing a Security code please email your FOSECURE screen to  To obtain your FOSECURE screen do the following, do not stay in this screen.  From the Acom main menu:

  • Type in FOSECURE press enter twice
  • Send this screen to ACOM support, F3= exit this screen.
  • To enter the new code, use the same command.


Now could be a great time time to replace the older Xerox 4500, 4510, and the M47 printers. Please ask support about the Source technology 9820 printer  –  a great replacement for your Xerox printers.


The Covid Pandemic made the work-from-home model a “new normal” that changed life for almost everyone. The after effect has now turned the remote office into a daily or part-week business reality for many. As a result of these changes, efficient use of electronic documents and information has become an even higher priority.

Our PDF module is now used by an increasing number of ACOM customers and has been a welcomed benefit as the home office has taken permanent root. It has great functionality where you’re able create and change documents, merge them, then view them as secure PDF documents– from your home office – or from any remote access point. A practical move too, as this PDF functionality eliminates the need to purchase additional printers for every remote office location.

Pease contact us for details at  – We can even have it running on your system before you make your purchase decision!

Become an ACOM Software Referral Partner

A significant part of our continued growth has been due to ACOM customers who have shared their ACOM experience and good will. We’ve tracked it, and your word-of-mouth continues to be an important factor in our continued growth! So please checkout how you can benefit from becoming a Referral Partner for ACOM. Find out more ...

Working from home? You can Print, Email or create PDF documents & forms from home too See more …

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When disaster strikes be ready. Obtain a mirror license at 50% off list – with no maintenance cost.

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