Employees continue to waste time and effort with a variety of tasks related to manual, paper-based document processing. These inefficiencies can be very costly to your organization. Choose the best document management software to achieve the following benefits:

  1. Enjoy going paperless. Managing paper is costly both in revenue and productivity. Free up precious space with less file cabinets and have access to all your core business documents in one central repository.
  1. Utilize valuable employees and eliminate lower level tasks. Reducing or eliminating manual, paper-based processes allows your employees to focus on more valuable tasks that drive your business.
  1. Analyze real-time data as you go, enabling you to make smarter business decisions faster. Gain complete visibility and control over business processes. Make decisions based on real-time findings, not historical data.
  1. Save money. Managing paper is costly to begin with. In addition to storage and routing costs, paper-based processes slow down AP. With a solid document management system in place, invoices are processed faster, allowing for early payment discounts.
  1. Increase security and be compliance-ready. With an ideal document management system, you have control over who has access to what, down to the document level. Every action by users and administrators is logged, providing a clear audit trail. Additionally, this ensures documents are saved in the correct version, so everyone is working off the same document.
  1. Achieve increased productivity with the elimination of manual tasks. Enjoy lower AP labor costs as documents are automatically classified and data is extracted, transforming paper into manageable, electronic information.
  1. Increase business speed and efficiency with workflows. Workflows automatically route documents from person to person. Each person completes their assigned tasks, such a reviewing, approving or correcting documents. The document management solution then sends them to the next step in your business process.

Attain these advantages to streamline your business processes and run at optimal efficiency. Click here to learn about ACOM’s unique document management offering.

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