Transitioning to ePayments

Transition Your Vendors to Electronic Payments Today!

 For the past 20+ years, ACOM has been providing HarrisData users with integrated payment solutions. 

We are excited to announce a new AP payment service that is designed to transition your vendors to electronic payments and eliminate 100% of the cost and headache associated with vendor payents.

ACOM's Paperless Pay AP Automation Solution is a Zero-Cost – Zero-Risk service that will eliminate 100% of the costs of processing vendor payments and transition the majority of your vendors to electronic payments. All with no work for your staff or your IT resources… Guaranteed!

Key Benefits of Paperless Pay

  • Software Refund – For qualified accounts, ACOM will refund 100% of the money you invested in ACOM over the past years for up to $20,000 in cash payment.  
  • Zero ACOM Maintenance – In addition, ACOM will drop your annual software and hardware maintenance to Zero, saving you thousands of dollars annually.  
  • Reduce Operating Costs – Eliminate 100% of your check printing and mailing costs. For a company printing 200 AP checks/mo, this program will save as much as $15,496/year.  
  • Reduce Fraud Exposure – Checks are 10x more exposed to fraud than electronic payments. Transitioning vendors to electronic payments is a great way to significantly reduce fraud exposure.  
  • Zero Cost & Zero Risk – For qualified accounts the complete program is offered at Zero Cost and comes with 90-day Total Satisfaction Guarantee. There is no initial investment and no on-going fees.  

HarrisData Success

Plumbing Company Success Story

“When we were told that all of the services would be provided at no cost, we thought it was too good to be true. We kept wondering where the catch was? Saving over $70,000/yr by eliminating check payments and receiving approximately $60,000 annually in virtual card rebates, we stopped asking!”

- Plumbing Manufacurer

Vendor Onboarding Services

ACOM's Paperless Payment Solution is painless to implement because WE do all of the work, which includes onboarding your vendor community to electronic payments.

One Platform for All of Your Vendor Disbursements

ACOM Paperless Payment Hub 

Seamlessly manages all payment types including: checks, ACH, virtual cards, F-EDI, CTX and foreign payments.

Vendor Transition Services

Our payment professionals manage the transition of your vendor community from paper to electronic payments with a complete communications and enrollment program.

Payment Help Desk

We obtain payment agreements, approvals and all required documents from vendors as well as providing ongoing vendor support. All at no cost to you!

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