Instant access you need directly from
Abila MIP Fund Accounting screens

Automate the entire AP cycle, from invoice capture and approval to vendor disbursements directly from one platform.

Take AP Automation to new levels without leaving your MIP application screen:

  • Powerful Capture – intelligently recognize the content within documents.
  • Streamline Workflow Approval – intelligently automate and route documents within the organization for better control and faster processing – efficiently share workloads, reduce processing costs and minimize errors.
  • End-to-end processing – From workflow approval through automated vendor payment processing
  • Audit and Compliance Ready
  • ePayables Automation – Complete supplier payments of any type via the ACOM Payment Hub

Instant access to all the documents you need directly from MIP Fund Accounting screens.



Paperless Enterprise for Abila MIP Fund Accounting


Built for Your Nonprofit

Nonprofit Organization’s (NPO’s) must account for every donation and every expense, all while keeping staff and volunteers happy and productive. No small task, especially when combined with the ongoing need to raise funds. Trying to deal with so much paperwork, volunteer applications, donor records, employee files, and tax records can easily divert critical time and energy from your core mission.

Eliminate Manual Paper-Based AP and Payment Processing

ACOM enables you to automatically classify documents; extracting data and intelligently launch them through their routing and approval processes – transforming paper into manageable, electronic payables and payment information … generating clear audit trails with centralized visibility of all your business information.

Maximize Your Abila MIP Investment

ACOM helps organizations close the information gap between their enterprise software applications and the unmanaged processes and data they need to run their businesses. Investing in accounts payable automation brings tangible returns, where clients can quickly realize a measurable return on investment, often in as little as six months.

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