Invoice Automation

No more manually entering invoice data or chasing down approvals.

Processing Invoices Doesn’t Have to Take So Long

Organizations spend more time and money than they think manually processing supplier invoices.

ACOM Solutions automates invoice processing to make it fast, easy and accurate.

Our clients achieve savings of between $200,000 and $500,000 within the first four years.

It integrates with any ERP or accounting system which means you don’t have to change the way that you work.

Find out how below.

Our Invoice Automation Process

Capture Invoices

Reduce costly, error-prone and time-consuming data entry with automated invoice data capture.

  • Submit all paper and electronic invoices to ACOM Solutions
  • Extract invoice header information without manual keying
  • Achieve guaranteed 99.8% data capture accuracy with our unique verification process
  • Digitally link invoices with associated data
  • Seamlessly upload invoice data into any ERP or accounting system

Approve Invoices

Accelerate invoice approval and eliminate late-payment penalties. Capture more early-payment discounts and reduce calls and emails from suppliers.

  • Electronically route invoices for approval
  • Customize workflows to meet your requirements
  • Ensure only authorized users access or approve invoices
  • View the real time status of invoices
  • Stay productive on-the-go with mobile access and decision-making
  • Ensure compliance and security with audit trails and comprehensive administrative tools


Automate invoice processing without making costly changes to your ERP or accounting system.

  • Benefit from our integration with more than 100 leading ERP and accounting systems
  • Seamlessly upload invoice data into any ERP or accounting system
  • Extend the value of our invoice automation solution with electronic payments

Learn more about our integration with ERP and accounting systems.

Benefits of Invoice Automation

Make your invoice processing more cost-effective, faster and more accurate.

Reduce Costs by More Than 75%

No more manual keying or shuffling, filing and retrieving paper invoices

Process 10 Times as Many Invoices Per FTE

Free staff to focus on value-added activities

Achieve Guaranteed Accuracy of 99.8%

Preserve your profit margins and strengthen supplier relationships

Reduce Costly Invoice Processing Errors by Over 50%

Less data entry means fewer opportunities to mis-key data

Approve Invoices from Anywhere, At Any Time

Research, approve or reject invoices from any PC, laptop or mobile device

Capture 7 Times More Early-Payment Discounts

Faster invoice approval cycles create more early-payment discount opportunities

Extend the Value of our Invoice Automation Solution with Electronic Payments

See how our complete accounts payable and payments solution can automate your entire accounts payable process.

Do you know how much you spend to process invoices?

Processing invoices costs you more than you think.

Let ACOM Solutions show you how much you could be saving.


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