Supplier Payment Automation Services

Automate supplier payments with ACOMPay

ACOMPay eliminates the cost of paying suppliers, enables better cash management, and generates revenue from rebates on AP spend. See why AP departments are switching to ACOMPay to turn Accounts Payable into a Profit Center.

Transform Accounts Payable Into a Profit Center with AP Automation

Automating supplier payments with AP automation software is the #1 priority for accounts payable departments.

Paying your suppliers manually is costing your company time and money.

Replace traditional supplier payments processes with the ACOMPay

Starting on Day 1, you eliminate the costs of supplier payments. Instead of being limited by supplier payment responsibilities, ACOMPay gives you control over outbound cash flows and mitigates the risks of payment fraud. ACOM will even assist you in on-boarding your suppliers to your new payment platform.

The ACOMPay ePayments Hub Delivers:

Real-Time Supplier Payments Status

Comprehensive Reporting

Seamless Connection with Your ERP Software

Rapid Review, Approval and Scheduling of Supplier Payments

ACH, Virtual Card, Global Payments, and Check Support

Automated Creation and Transmission of Remittance

How ACOMPay Works

Comprehensive Payment Automation Approach

ACOM Solutions offers a comprehensive approach to paying suppliers electronically.

Speak to an expert today to learn more about how our ACOMPay payment hub can benefit you.

Control Funds in Real-time

Manage your cash better with intuitive real-time disbursements dashboards.

  • Connect multiple bank accounts for funding supplier payments
  • Automate the review of suspicious payments
  • Reconcile supplier payments automatically

Optimize Working Capital

Transform Accounts Payable Into a Profit Center.

  • Capture early-payment discounts
  • Take advantage of supplier offered dynamic discounting
  • Use optional supply chain financing
  • Forecast outbound cash flows with 98% accuracy with real-time reporting
  • Extend your Days Payables Outstanding by weeks

Pay Invoices with a Click

Securely pay suppliers via check, ACH or card using a single file.

  • Upload an approved invoice file from any ERP or accounting system
  • Aggregate data on approved invoices from any subsidiary, office or subsidiary
  • Schedule individual and batch invoices for payment
  • Transmit remittance details to suppliers
  • Earn cash-back rebates on supplier payments made via card

 Integrate electronic payments with any ERP, Accounting and Invoice Automation Software

Automate your accounts payable process without changing the way you work.

  • Our payments platform integrates with your ERP and accounting applications and any third-party invoice processing solution you use now, or implement later
  • Virtually seamless process for receiving and sending data
  • Accounting software can be expensive so adding ePayment integration extends your investment

The High Cost of Paper Checks

You cannot afford to keep paying suppliers with paper checks.

30x Higher Price

It costs more than 30x as much as electronic payments.

Source: NACHA

8x More Time

It takes more than eight times longer than an electronic payment.

Source: IOFM

10x More Fraud

They’re responsible for over 10 times as many fraud incidents as electronic payments.

Source: AFP

Most Overhead

Accounts payable is the most labor-intensive finance and administration function.

Source: IOFM

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