Intelligent Payment Platform

Transform Accounts Payable with Electronic Payments

Streamline Payables Workload

Better Manage Business Spend

Mitigate Financial and Compliance Risk

Generate Revenue from Accounts Payable

How acompay™ Works

We Enroll Suppliers

ACOM enrolls and continuously manages 100% of your suppliers, including their preferred payment type and remittance requirements.

You Upload Payment File

Simply upload your single AP payment file, review to make sure it’s correct, and fund all your payments with the touch of a button.


The acompay™ Intelligent Platform automatically remits payments and details to your suppliers in their preferred format: ACH, check, or card.


acompay™ reconciles all your payment types and canceled payments are automatically refunded.


You receive a quarterly credit to your account with full details available via detailed statements.

There’s a Smarter Way to Make Supplier Payments

Transform your AP spend with one payment process that supports all of your supplier payment types.

The acompay™ intelligent payment platform handles 100% of your payments.

With acompay™, accounts payable staff are completely freed from supplier onboarding and management, including their payment inquiries – saving valuable company resources and time.

Best-in-class security and performance practices ensure the highest standards, reliability and control.

From supplier enrollment though transaction settlement, ACOM limits and protects access to supplier and accounts payable data.  

Unlike banks, ACOM offers many more payment options, so more suppliers enroll.

And when payments are made through our virtual card network, buyers earn cash-back rebates directly from their supplier spend.

Comprehensive Electronic Payments with acompay™

Control Funds in Real-time

  • Manage your cash better with intuitive real-time disbursements dashboards.
  • Connect multiple bank accounts for funding supplier payments
  • Automate the review of suspicious payments
  • Reconcile supplier payments automatically

Intelligent Cash Management

  • Transform accounts payable into a revenue generator
  • Capture early-payment discounts
  • Extend your Days Payables Outstanding
  • Use optional unsecured financing

Best of Breed AP Payments Platform

  • Securely pay suppliers via check, ACH or card using a single file
  • Integrate with any ERP or accounting system
  • Aggregate data on approved invoices from any subsidiary or office
  • Transmit remittance details to suppliers
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