Why Electronic Payments for AP with

Supplier Payments, Our Core Competency

Our acompay™ solution delivers significant improvements in the way you process and settle supplier payment transactions.

Using our robustly designed platform, customers strengthen relationships with their suppliers to ensure the successful delivery of goods and services to market.

How Can acompay™ Benefit Me?

Our unique approach to solving payment challenges offers tremendous benefit across finance and the entire organization.

Accounts Payable

Leave the paper behind and focus on making a real difference in your organization.


Gain better visibility and control to streamline processing and reduce operating costs.

CFOs and Treasurers

Minimize manual AP payment operations and free up important resources to add value.

All-in-One Platform for Every ERP

  • The acompay™ platform integrates with your ERP and accounting applications and any third-party invoice processing solution you use now, or implement later
  • Virtually seamless process for receiving and sending data
  • Accounting software is expensive but adding electronic payment integration extends your investment

Already Working with a Bank?



Banks will often only send card payments.


acompay™ handles all of your payments.

Our secure platform then routes your payment accordingly, regardless of payment type.

Banks will often enroll less than 20% of your suppliers.


acompay™ enrolls and provides continuous management of 100% of your suppliers.

Banks have customers track down their own payments to confirm supplier acceptance.


acompay™ does all the work, ensuring that 100% of your payments are settled.

The High Cost of Paper Checks

You cannot afford to keep paying suppliers with paper checks.

30x Higher Price

It costs more than 30x as much as electronic payments.

Source: NACHA

8x More Time

It takes more than eight times longer than an electronic payment.

Source: IOFM

10x More Fraud

They’re responsible for over 10 times as many fraud incidents as electronic payments.

Source: AFP

Most Overhead

Accounts payable is the most labor-intensive finance and administration function.

Source: IOFM

Bank-Grade Payment Security

ACOM’s best-in-class security and performance practices ensure the highest standards, reliability and control – while limiting and protecting access to supplier and accounts payable data.

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