Case Studies

Featured Case Study

City of South Daytona, FL | City Government

“I would absolutely recommend ACOM Solutions. It’s worked very well for us – we’ve had zero issues. If I were at a different organization and starting over, I’d call them again.”

Featured Case Study

Menorah Manor | Senior Healthcare Organization

“This was the absolute right choice for us. ACOM erased all the time, effort and cost for us to make payments. Automating our payments easily frees-up 40-50 hours per month, enabling accounting staff to now focus on more meaningful work.”

Featured Case Study

City of Winfield, KS | City Government

“Implementation was easy. Except for an occasional check we need to process locally, our supplier payments are completely automated which saves us 14-16 hours per month. Acom did all of the upfront work and they continue to manage out vendors, even their payment inquiries.”

City of College Place

Increased Annual Savings

Pharmaceuticals Distribution

Over $26,000 in Annual Rebates

Plumbing Manufacturer

Annual Recurring Rebate: $60,000

Rural Electric Utility

$12,000 in Annual Rebate

Southern Coastal City

$12,000 – $15,000 annually in virtual card rebates

South Central U.S. City

Annual Recurring Rebate: $120,000

Bulk Conveyor Manufacturer

Annual Recurring Rebate: $9,500

Casting and Molding Company

Annual Recurring Rebate: $22,500

Northeast City

Over $200,000 Annual Rebate Revenue

Transfer Trucking Carrier

Annual Recurring Rebate: $40,000

Truck and Trailer Parts Distribution

Over $225,000 in annual rebates

Paint and Chemical Manufacturer

Annual Recurring Rebate: $18,000

Please note: Information contained in these studies is financial in nature, and may be considered sensitive. When this applies, client names are withheld.

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