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Workers waste a significant amount of time each week dealing with a variety of challenges related to manual paper-based document processing. 

The inefficiencies in time and resources are costly to any organization, holding back productivity and the ability to stay competitive.

Workers waste a significant amount of time each week dealing with a variety of challenges related to manual paper-based document processing. The inefficiencies in time and resources are costly to any organization, holding back productivity and the ability to stay competitive.

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Smarter Paperless Enterprise

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The Challenge:

Managing Documents And Information

The Solution – ACOM EZContentManager (EZCM) Document storage and retrieval is a lot more than just simply saving files to a disk, then finding and opening them later. Rudimentary storage and retrieval can turn into a nightmare and a security risk when organizations face the day-to-day processing of vital information. ACOM Enterprise Content Management enables you to automatically classify documents, extract data and then intelligently launch them through their routing and approval processes for any department or function within the organization.

Instantly available and manageable electronic information, generating clear audit trails with centralized visibility of all your business information in any area.
EZContentManager (EZCM) enables organizations to meet the ongoing challenge of managing documents and information with greater speed, efficiency and accuracy…in any division, department and business environment.

Smarter AP Automation – Workflow & Approval Routing

Start with Smarter AP’s powerful inbox – then add OCR as you grow. Maintain the same workflow functionality – YOUR ORIGINAL INVESTMENT IS PROTECTED! The affordable way to start Enterprise AP Automation – more efficient processes, to maximize the number of transactions your team is able to process, direct, approve and complete each day.

  • Receive scanned or e-Invoices then process regardless of source, format or location
  • Invoices are collected, batched and then routed to approval processing workflow queues
  • Approvers receive immediate email notifications with timed response periods, alerts and process rerouting„„
  • Completely configurable workflows, role based with your business rules and requirements
  • Simultaneously EZCM indexes and archives invoices in one place for timely processing and instant retrieval
ACOM Enterprise Content Management
Automated Data Capture

EZContentManager Mobility

Enjoy the freedom to approve invoices without being tethered to your workstation. Approve, reject and process AP decisions or any workflow process whenever you have a few moments to spare. Just pick up your mobile, log on, and get working!

  • Check Boxes to view all your approval tasks right on your mobile device
  • Gain instant access to invoice header and line details
  • Download the invoice image to your Apple, Android, Google or Windows tablet device or any remote PC
  • Approve, reject and leave comments for your invoice or any approval tasks

Gain Immediate Control Of Documents

By automatically classifying documents routing through workflow approval -­ transforming paper into manageable, electronic information, and generating clear audit trails…

…our Business Users gain immediate control of the huge volume and complexity of paper documents in the workplace.
ACOM solves the problems companies face dealing with disorganized information, and manual business processing, giving them the precise documents and content they need right in front of them, wherever they are.

Intelligent OCR

…turn invoices into information AP can act upon

Automatically capture documents and information regardless of form or format, directly from your business documents and images!

Intelligent extracts the information contained within, then processes the information through the appropriate workflow, based upon its content.

Streamline Workflow

Remove Business Process Complexity Intelligently automate and route documents within the organization for better control and faster processing. Efficiently share workloads, reduce processing costs and minimize errors. Invoice processing and approval,  HR, employee management, contract and regulatory compliance — virtually any process can be significantly improved upon. Configurable workflows to meet your specific requirements with rules-base routing, workflow queues, alarms and real-time monitoring. Everything teams needs to maximize the number of transactions they initiate, approve and complete each day.

Control Storage & Access

All Your Business Information Assets In A Secure Central Repository

Securely access the right information in the right application, as all documents are stored in their native formats. Manage who has access to what information and what they can do with it…individually and right down to the document level. EZContentManager enables instant information accessibility, promotes organized collaboration and secures content in all its forms. These functions are essential as organizations seek to improve efficiency, share knowledge and reduce risk.