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Web and Network Access- Get Your Files Anywhere, Anytime

Increase flexibility, save paper and save money, by automatically storing your documents, electronically in ACOM’s EZContentManager document management solution.

With ACOM’s EZContentManager you’ll be ready when you customers call with a request to e-mail a copy of a lost invoice or PO. Users can retrieve documents using full text or index field searches. Retrieved documents can be viewed, reprinted, faxed and/or e-mailed, right from a standard web browser.

Automatically capture, index, and store all documents created through EZeDocs/400!

Fast Flexible File Search and Retrieval

EZeDocs/400 Electronic Storage Module does a full-text search of all files that are text searchable. You can also search via Metadata or “indices” that are set up by document type. This allows you to look for specific key words that you have set-up for each document in the repository.

Users can also set-up “filters” that will allow them to search for documents that are retrieved on a regular basis, so that the search criteria doesn’t have to be populated every time.

  • File Content Search – supports most document formats (MS Office, Text, HTML, PDF, WordPerfect, etc.) providing real time full content indexing.
  • Metadata Search – search by document type, classifications, keywords, date range and many more.

Distribute Files Quickly and Easily

Any document can be distributed directly as a printed copy or through the solution’s integrated automated email/efax interfaces, using your existing email server and fax server.

This allows you to distribute documents to any and all users, even those outside your enterprise network.

Need to distribute files too large for email? Setup notification preferences to alert key people that a file has been created, commented, updated, etc.. They can then access the file directly using their web browser.


  • Reduce mailing costs by adding the capability to fax and email documents that have been stored.
  • Improve efficiency and meet customers needs by sending documents electronically.
  • Eliminates inventory of paper copies.
  • Easy review, PC-based viewing capability in PDF format saves time.
  • Transparent to users with no extra steps so there’s less work, not more.
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