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EZeDocs/400 automates the exchange of critical business documents between customers, business partners, and suppliers. Documents can be delivered to their intended recipient using one or all of the following:

  • Laser Print Documents – EZeDocs/400 intelligently merges data from your current applications with your own form designs to deliver full-color documents.
  • Email Document Delivery – Email full-color documents to recipients and realize substantial cost reductions.
  • Fax Document Delivery – Fax documents on a per document basis, dynamically and automatically, at run time.
  • Store Documents – All documents processed through EZeDocs/400 can be automatically captured, stored, and indexed in ACOM’s secure web-based document management and archiving solution.

Now essential business applications can deliver laser quality invoices, purchase orders, reports, checks, forms and other business documents directly to a laser printer, fax output or email system. EZeDoc400-schematic