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Document Output Management

Replace outdated pre-printed forms with EZeDocs

EZeDocs is a powerful, yet affordable, form design and document delivery system that enables organizations to automate the exchange of critical business documents between customers, business partners, and suppliers.

With EZeDocs you can produce professional-quality invoices, purchase orders, reports, checks, forms and other business documents… with no pre-printed forms or custom programming! Documents produced can be printed, or distributed electronically as fax or email messages. There are no extra steps, documents are automatically output according to the delivery preferences of intended recipients.

Replace outdated file cabinets with electronic storage

If you have rooms of file cabinets filled with system generated transactional documents, EZeDocs can save you time, space, and money. Electronic copies of these documents can be automatically output, and stored on your network, eliminating the need to keep paper copies of these same files.

EZeDocs Benefits

  • Accelerate document delivery and cut days receivables outstanding (DRO)
  • Enhance your company’s image with professional-quality, full-color documents.
  • Eliminate expensive preprinted forms, as well as their management and warehousing.
  • Reduce labor cost originating from manual form loading, separation and splitting of documents.
  • Cut postage and document delivery costs while improving response times.
  • Make changes to forms such as addresses, easily and instantaneously, without interruption to the system.
  • Gain total control over your output, based on rules and conditions you create. 

EZeDocs takes raw unformatted output from your Financial/ERP solution (COLD) and enables you to:

  • Design- easily create electronic document form templates – content on live site
  • Print – professionally formatted documents on a laser printer, without using preprinted forms – content on live site
  • eMail – transactional documents transparently from your ERP/Financial package – content on live site
  • Fax – documents directly from your ERP/Financial package output – content on live site
  • Archive – transactional documents such as invoices and statements as PDF’s automatically – content on live site
  • Dynamically modify – document layout, content, delivery method and more – content on live site


  • Tired of buying, storing, and replacing outdated pre-printed business forms?
  • Want your organization’s transactional documents to look more professional?
  • Need to distribute and archive system-generated documents electronically?