iSeries Document Printing

PRINT… all your own forms to a single laser printer, or distribute multiple copies to multiple laser printers, all from your IBM i (AS/400)

iSeries Document Printing

EZeDocs/400 intelligently merges data from your financial/ERP applications into your own form designs to deliver full-color laser quality invoices, purchase orders, reports, forms and other business documents directly to a laser printer.

These forms can include many elements such as barcodes, signatures, logos, graphics, multi-part forms, etc.

Integration with your ERP/Accounting system is seamless and transparent at the user level. The user who is in the ERP system prints the EZeDocs/400 reports directly from the ERP system, as if the report was generated by that system, and has no idea what goes behind the scenes.

EZeDocs/400 removes the hassles associated with pre-printed forms, such as manual pre-printed form loading, separation and handling. Changes to forms such as addresses, phone numbers, personnel, and logos are easily and instantaneously updated without interruption to the system.


  • Template and mapping stored as a single component on IBMi eliminating mismatching errors
  • Print all forms to a single printer or distribute multiple copies to multiple printers, anywhere on your network, all from your iSeries (AS/400)
  • Batch printing module (send multiple formats, from same print job)
  • Multiple printer support (create auto-split print file to multiple printers)
  • Barcode support, including UPS MaxiCode and USPS IM barcode
  • Conditional printing (distribute based on spool file data)

Printer Connectivity Supported

  • Parallel attachment via PC support or Client Access from your iSeries (AS/400) direct or remote connect.
  • Network connectivity including Ethernet support.
  • Printer sharing with PC/LAN applications is also supported.


  • The sets feature of EZeDocs/400 enables you to merge multiple spool files with multiple forms all in a single print run.

Full-Color Printing

Print impressive full-color documents, without expensive pre-printed forms.

Forms can include many elements:

  • Barcodes
  • Signatures
  • Logos
  • Graphics
  • Multi-part forms
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