ERP and Accounting System Integration

Automate your payment processing for accounts payable.

The Right Payment at the Right Time 
One Platform. One Payment File. Directly from Your ERP or Accounting System.

ACOM’s cloud-based payment platform integrates seamlessly with any ERP or accounting system, requiring no investment of hardware or software, no changes to your systems, and no changes to your current banking relationships. Manual processing disappears, while you gain greater system efficiency, visibility and control over your payments.

A single payment file, no matter how you pay Suppliers: Execute payments at one time regardless of payment type: ACH, check, virtual payments, wire and global payments. All from a single ERP payment run.

We connect to thousands of companies already accepting electronic payments, with many of your suppliers most likely among them. The result is a successful implementation with an immediate conversion to electronic payments. No major disruption to your accounts payable staff, IT resources or systems.

Eliminate rekeying of payment data

No more paper shuffling & back-and-forth emails

The end of delayed or incomplete data in your system

Heightened visibility to payment data

Some of Our Integrations:

ACOMPay – Seamlessly Connecting Buyers and their Suppliers

Higher insight into your payment data:
With one central payment hub, you have greater transparency, accountability and real-time control of payment processing; with easier reporting and real-time management of cash.

Enhancing the buyer/supplier relationship: Our Enablement team manages the entire supplier enrollment, onboarding and management process directly on your behalf.

ACOM specialists continue to help your suppliers change appropriate payment methods, establish new accounts and handle their payment inquiries. We work with your Suppliers to maximize your payment terms, facilitate discount capture and create revenue generation for your organization.

We take the complete burden off your payables staff, allowing them to stay focused on more important tasks – and it’s all part of ACOMPAY.

The ACOM Advantage

  • Integration with 100’s of ERP and Accounting Systems
  • Extends your existing ERP capabilities, instead of replacing them
  • Minimal system modifications and IT involvement required
  • Delivers real-time visibility for greater insight and cash management control
  • Non-proprietary: Bank agnostic and processor-neutral payment processing


Let us show you how acompay integrates with your system

Get a detailed review of your supplier master file in which we highlight opportunities for you to take advantage of early pay discounts, extend days payable outstanding, and earn cash rebates on accounts payable spend.

ACOM Solutions