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The industry’s most versatile and easy to use forms designer for the iSeries

Now’s The Time to Move Up to EZDesigner Pro With an Exclusive Limited Offer… for EZDesigner/400 Clients!

iSeries environment transparency – No longer PC driven print drivers

  • Retrieve and use fonts directly from the ACOM iSeries library
  • Greater document accuracy with little or no adjustment between applications required
  • Resize and position images, Logos and Signatures on-the-fly
  • Resize Images, logos and signatures directly within the documents you design or edit
  • No third party screen or image design aids required!
  • Eliminate security risks of Microsoft XP end-of-life
  • EZDesigner Pro is Windows 7 and Windows 8 OS compatible


Say Goodbye to iSeries Transfer Utilities

  • Documents are open, edited and saved directly to iSeries
  • Changes to your Documents are immediate…no more transferring Documents to the iSeries via file transfer.

Why choose EZDesigner Pro?

The industry’s most versatile and easy to use forms designer for the iSeries

  • Complete drag-and-drop functionality to produce professionally designed forms, checks, labels
  • Total freedom in re-positioning and rotating spool data using scalable font and bar codes
  • Graphical WYSIWYG viewing of forms and processed print jobs



Apply Conditional Logic
Powerful Drag and Drop Mapping
EZDesigner Pro functionality
Designed for IBMi/AS400

Features and functionality you’ve asked for!

  • Amazing Design simplicity – Easy to use tools – complete Drag-and-drop” functionality
  • Say Goodbye to converting data, iSeries file transfer & downloads
  • Eliminate PC dependency – Directly use native fonts and print drivers
  • Stop the security risks of Windows XP end-of-life
  • Create two-dimensional bar codes
  • Resize images on-the-fly – without additional tools


EZDesigner Pro functionality

  • .NET Tool designed for Windows 7 and higher environments
  • QR Barcode output for Smart-Phones
  • Easily resizable logos and signature images directly on-screen

Powerful Drag and Drop Mapping

  • “True WYSIWYG” using fonts stored directly on your IBM System
  • Capture spool files and link directly to IBM System i
  • Mapped data highlighted in red after mapping once or map multiple times
  • Control positioning, size, line spacing, fonts and add conditional logic
  • Control color output with supported color printers

Apply Conditional Logic with Automated Command Support

  • Easily add commands to any form or check to create – EMAIL, FAX, PDF, or EZCM output (including Metadata) to print, electronically transmit or save with PDF files.
  • eMail creation with PDF file attachments – with password protection and encryption capabilities
  • Extract eMail addresses and fax numbers directly from spool files, any IBM data-file, database, or via EZDesigner Pro’s Address Book tool

Designed for IBMi/AS400

  • Augment your spool data with dynamically captured data fields from any IBM Data file/database
  • Eliminates need to modify your ERP or Application with custom programs, just to add a field to output.
  • Database Text Command allows for “dynamic grabbing of data” from any IBM Database and positioning of new data with complete control directly on the document.

Eliminate PC-Dependency

  • Save forms, images and signatures to iSeries, then access the existing forms directly from your system