Frequently Asked Questions

Who is ACOM Solutions?

Since 1983, more than 1,500 midsize companies spanning multiple industries have used ACOM’s solutions to automate their accounts payables, mitigate financial fraud, and gain greater visibility and control of an organization’s cash spend. ACOM customers process over 32 million payment transactions per year representing $112 Billion in Accounts Payable spend.

How can I trust your solution is secure?
  • SOC 1 compliant
  • PCI compliance
  • acompay™ encrypts and hides all bank accounts.
How does the acompay™ Flex Module empower CFOs, Controllers, and Treasurers to change the way they manage cash spend.
  • Access to low-cost lines of credit
  • Easily extend Days Payable Outstanding with specific suppliers
  • Pay other suppliers early because of early pay discounts
  • Generate revenue from paying some suppliers with cards
Why use ACOM when my bank already provides this solution?
  • Banks already outsource their solution to a FinTech corporate payments provider.
  • ACOM manages all your suppliers. Banks will only touch a handful.
  • 100% of your check printing is managed by ACOM. Banks require you to continue to print checks or pay to outsource.
  • ACOM provides 2-way integration with your ERP and Accounting Solution. No such functionality from the Bank.
Checks are used because we have an internal approval process. Checks include the remittance required by our Suppliers.

ACOMPay™ provides both without the need for paper

How much time, effort, & disruption to switch to acompay™?
  • ACOM performs 90% of the work.
  • One of toughest jobs for AP teams is managing suppliers. By using acompay, ACOM’s Supplier Enablement team manages supplier enrollment and ongoing management of suppliers. ACOM’s team is always in close contact with each of our clients.
Will it work with my ERP/Accounting system? How much work to integrate?
  • acompay™ seamlessly integrates with over 100 ERP and Accounting platforms.
  • ACOM manages the technical aspects with your IT department.

Do you know how much you spend to process invoices and pay suppliers?

Paying suppliers costs you more than you think.

Let ACOM Solutions show you how much you could be saving.

ACOM Solutions