There are those who hear the word “automation” and imagine humans losing their jobs to computers. But according to Automic CEO Todd DeLaughter, “Automation is a way to make the humans who are running IT much more effective.”

While the fear that automation might eliminate certain roles is valid, automation also allows employees to ditch menial tasks and spend their time on higher value, and hopefully, more interesting work. As I’ve noted in a previous blog, stimulating activity is the most important factor in job enjoyment for IT professionals. This is understandable as resetting passwords all day might not be the most fulfilling of tasks.

Because process improvements can be made in any industry, every organization can benefit from automation. The article linked below references a specific customer of theirs, EBS, an energy and utilities company based out of Ireland. They’ve launched their own campaign, called “Automate to Innovate,” wherein they ask their employees which parts of their jobs could be automated.

I can see how this might send up red flags to employees. I’m picturing the “consultants” from the film Office Space who are sent in to grill employees on how they spend their days in order to eliminate nonessential workers.

However, EBS holds that by asking their employees what they think (vs. acting on an outside consultant’s opinion), the employees will be more comfortable being forthright. Consequently, their responses will improve their jobs, not eliminate them.

As for the fear that computers or “robots” will steal their jobs—the author of this article notes that good automation makes employees more productive, “without a robot in sight.”

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