Our story begins with a conversation between a digital marketing guru and a financial software sales consultant:

So, you’re interested in expanding your customer base?  Let’s talk about your digital marketing strategy.  Go ahead and log into your Google Analytics account so that we can see how which of your most recent email campaigns have brought in the most traffic vs. the most conversions.

Granted, this is more of a statement than a conversation since the sales consultant is standing there trying very hard not to looked panicked while trying to figure out what the guru just said.  If you’re feeling empathy for the consultant, this blog post is for you.

Does it sound like the guru is speaking a foreign language?  Or maybe not a foreign language exactly, but a different dialect than what you speak?   Don’t worry, this language is easy to learn once you understand some of the key terminology.  We’re going to go over some of the most commonly used terms and what you need to know about how they apply to a B2B business like yours.

Let’s start with some of the more basic buzzwords, what they mean and how important they are to your business.

Digital Marketing

What is it? Digital marketing (aka online marketing – the terms are interchangeable) encompasses any marketing that you do related to your website, social media, text messaging, and more.

How important is it? Critical.  Digital marketing is really about an overall marketing strategy for your company and allows you to present a single voice to your customers and potential customers that represents who you are.

Google Analytics

What is it? Google Analytics tracks and reports on traffic to your website – where do visitors to your website come from, where do they go when they’re on the website, how much time they spend on the different pages and more.

How important is it? Critical.  Even if you don’t fully understand how to use it yet, Google Analytics is easy to install on your website and can start tracking valuable data for you

Email Marketing

What is it? Email marketing is the most common and most popular marketing tool available to businesses.  Emails can be sent as HTML messages (allows for more formatting, pictures, looks more professional) or plain text (looks very basic, no pictures and minimal formatting).

How important is it? High.  Emails are a low-cost way to communicate with your customers and, if used properly, can offer a high ROI (Return on Investment) for each email sent.


What is it? Think of a blog as an online journal, but one that’s meant to be read by the masses instead of being private.  Blog topics can range from personal to professional to everything in between.  Business blogs generally focus on industry topics, customer Q&A’s, product reviews/tutorials and more

How important is it? Medium. Blogs are another low-cost way to keep in touch with your customers, but it’s vital that you make a plan to update your blog on a regular basis.

Social Media Marketing

What is it? The average adult spends more and more time every on social media (an average of 1.72 hours/day in 2014), so business are beginning to focus more of their advertising budgets on the various social media platforms through ads, promoted posts, sponsored posts and more.

How important is it? Low to Medium. For B2B businesses, you need to have a strong social media following and work consistently to build your social media presence.  While this can be great for your business, it’s not as high priority as some of the other marketing initiatives should be.

Now that you’ve learned some of the basic terminology about digital marketing, it’s time for a little homework.  Take a look at this great infographic from Wrike, a project management software company, which explains some of the most common online marketing terms.

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