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Manufacturing Document Management

& Payment Process Automation

The Manufacturing Industry

Manufacturing Document Management & Payment Process Automation

If you’re using manual steps to bridge the gap between paper and digital information, there’s a disconnect between your people and critical information that drives your business. And employee productivity and customer service can pay the price.

In manufacturing, making the product is only part of the job. You order and assemble raw materials and/or components and store them, then assemble on the production floor. Once assembled you have to store the finished product, ship it, keep track of its movement and get paid for it. Each of these process step requires documentation…and that means a lot of paper work.

ACOM solutions for manufacturing connect your people to the processes and information they need, when they need it. Transform paper-based, time-intensive tasks into time saving electronic processes. We’ll help you streamline your day-to-day operations with electronic output and payment processing solutions that help you:

  • Increase efficiency
  • Reduce costs
  • Support compliance initiatives
  • Improve customer and vendor relationships
  • Produce and deliver outbound documents and payments
  • Capture incoming documents
  • Automate workflow associated with procure-to-pay, product life cycle management, compliance, order-to-cash processes
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Automate your accounts payable processes quickly and easily
With ACOM, you can streamline your AP processes, increasing efficiency and security while cutting costs and reducing errors. Click here to learn more.

Eliminate paper documents from production, inventory and administrative processes
Designed for flexibility, ACOM solutions go to work fast, to expedite processing in minutes instead of days:

  • Select and install modules that fit your process automation needs
  • Establish seamless interface between financial and office productivity software
  • Capture, store, retrieve and distribute any document electronically
  • Dispense with printed forms and expedite operations with electronic processing.
  • Achieve ROI in less than a calendar year