The industry’s most versatile and easy to use forms designer for the iSeries

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Features and functionality you’ve asked for!

  • Amazing Design simplicity – Easy to use tools – complete Drag-and-drop” functionality
  • Say Goodbye to converting data, iSeries file transfer & downloads
  • Eliminate PC dependency – Directly use native fonts and print drivers
  • Stop the security risks of Windows XP end-of-life
  • Create two-dimensional bar codes
  • Resize images on-the-fly – without additional tools

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EZDesigner Pro Functionality

  • .NET Tool designed for Windows 7 and higher environments
  • QR Barcode output for Smart-Phones
  • Easily resizable logos and signature images directly on-screen

Powerful Drag-and-Drop Mapping

  • “True WYSIWYG” using fonts stored directly on your IBM System
  • Capture spool files and link directly to IBM System i
  • Mapped data highlighted in red after mapping once or map multiple times
  • Control positioning, size, line spacing, fonts and add conditional logic
  • Control color output with supported color printers

Apply Conditional Logic with Automated Command Support

  • Easily add commands to any form or check to create – EMAIL, FAX, PDF, or EZCM output (including Metadata) to print, electronically transmit or save with PDF files.
  • eMail creation with PDF file attachments – with password protection and encryption capabilities
  • Extract eMail addresses and fax numbers directly from spool files, any IBM data-file, database, or via Address Book tool


Designed for IBM iSeries

  • Augment your spool data with dynamically captured data fields from any IBM Data file/database
  • Eliminates need to modify your ERP or Application with custom programs, just to add a field to output.
  • Database Text Command allows for “dynamic grabbing of data” from any IBM Database and positioning of new data with complete control directly on the document.
  • Eliminate PC-Dependency: Save forms, images and signatures to iSeries, then access the existing forms directly from your system


Why choose EZDesigner Pro:

  • The industry’s most versatile and easy to use forms designer for the iSeries
    • Complete drag-and-drop functionality to produce professionally designed forms, checks, labels
    • Total freedom in re-positioning and rotating spool data using scalable font and bar codes
    • Graphical WYSIWYG viewing of forms and processed print jobs
  • Say Goodbye to iSeries Transfer Utilities
    • Documents are open, edited and saved directly to iSeries
    • Changes to your Documents are immediate…no more transferring Documents to the iSeries via file transfer.
  • iSeries environment transparency – No longer PC driven print drivers
    • Retrieve and use fonts directly from the ACOM iSeries library
    • Greater document accuracy with little or no adjustment between applications required
      • Resize Images, logos and signatures directly within the documents you design or edit
      • No third party screen or image design aids required!
        Resize and position images, Logos and Signatures on-the-fly
  • Eliminate security risks of Microsoft XP end-of-life
    • EZDesigner Pro is Windows 7, 8 and 10 OS compatible

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