New research from smart automation specialist “arago” reveals that, amongst IT workers at least, more automation leads to greater job satisfaction. 85% of IT professionals say that intellectually stimulating activity is the most important factor in their job satisfaction. Understandably, their least favorite activities concern documenting, reporting and routine maintenance.

What would they rather work on? Innovating technology/solutions and modernizing existing technology. If their company were to implement an automation solution, these professionals could ditch the menial, time-consuming tasks, allowing them the time to work on high-value projects. These efforts are more strategic to their company’s mission and to their own careers, and thus, more fulfilling for employees. Engaging in purposeful work and seeing the results of your accomplishments is one key to boosting morale and retaining happy, productive employees.

Some might worry that employees would be weary of automation solutions threatening their jobs. However, 93% of those polled do not believe their jobs are in jeopardy. Interestingly enough, only 91% agree automated IT tools “are not the beginning of an AI (artificial intelligence) takeover,” meaning that 2% aren’t so sure.

Potential robot takeovers aside, there is an increasing shift toward automation across many industries and departments. The majority of IT professionals currently use automation in some way, and the use of automation is only expected to grow as companies strive to streamline their processes and turn added efficiency into revenue.

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