James R. Scott

Senior VP, Core Business Division

Since 1997, James Scott has worked at ACOM as the Senior Vice President of Business Development. He has over 30 years of experience, and is responsible for developing strategic relationships with partners to help drive revenue and strengthen important mutual customer relationships. James has previously lead multiple sales teams at Strategic Mortgage Services, with a focus on mortgage lending. He also spent time as the western division vice president of sales for the SMB division at ADP. James is dedicated to finding and developing key strategic partners that make a major impact on business. He emphasizes the importance of aligning mutual targeted markets with a firm commitment to customers and a positive corporate culture.

When not at work, James loves spending time outdoors with his family, hiking in his home state of California. He is an avid runner, and has completed eight half-marathons over the past 10 years. James and his wife are active members of the Lions Club, which supports a variety of charities. They are also involved in the Mary Cariola Center, which provides services to handicapped children in Rochester, New York.

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