Did you know that it’s Accounts Payable Recognition Week?  It’s time to show some appreciation for your hardworking AP department!  A good AP team ensures that your company maintains good relationships with vendors, helps to prevent fraud and can save the company significant amounts of money through efficient processes.  Take some time this week to show your AP staff that you appreciate their hard work with a few of these ideas.

  • AP Department Breakfast or Lunch: everyone has to eat, and taking the team out for a team breakfast or lunch gives you the opportunity to show them how much you appreciate them while also encouraging team bonding.
  • “Thank You” Gift Cards: Visa, MasterCard and American Express gift cards are available in many denominations and give the employees the opportunity to treat themselves to something that they enjoy.
  • Have a Team Building Outing: plan a fun event for everyone to take part in. Plan an afternoon at Dave & Busters or a miniature golf course or take everyone to the movies for an afternoon.

The most important thing that you can do this week is to take some time to genuinely say “thank you” to your staff.  Make sure that they realize how much you appreciate their hard work this week and all year long.

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