Fourth Quarter 2021


Greetings! This is number 4 of our quarterly Newsletters for 2021. It’s important for us to keep in touch – to make sure you’re briefed on important dates, news and information; and to provide you with tips on how to make the most of your ACOM software. We appreciate your business and attention; and as always, your Client Care Team remains readily available for any sales  inquiries and any support issues. For the quickest reply please use As you can see, this Newsletter is on-line, so please bookmark the page and visit from time to time. We’ll be adding information, new promotions and updates throughout the quarter.

The Importance of Your Feedback

We’re also reaching out to customers for their feedback. Customer feedback is an insight into what’s working well with your ACOM software and what you think should be done to make your experience even better. Feedback is vital as it helps us focus on providing you the best customer experience at every touchpoint. Please take a minute to let us know how we’re doing – and we also want to share your input among the customer community. A brief comment will do and we’ll post it along with your company logo! Send your comments to


Your Client Care Team,.

Releases and Compatibility

Current ACOM Software release:16.0.00.
Compatibility Scale:

11.0.00 – 11.2.00 will run on Operating System V7R2M0 or lower
11.3.00 – 14.1.00 will run on Operating System V7R3M0 or lower
15.1.00 – 16.0.00 will run on Operating System V7R4M0 or lower
Current EZDesigner Pro Release :16.0.0

EZeDocs/400 and EZDesignerPro and Java

EZeDocs/400 is not using Java and EZDesigner Pro uses JT400 java package, but “log4j” is not used.


Obtaining a Blueprint of Spool Files

To get a blueprint of your spool file, merge (Form) SPLGRDHP with your spool file.  This will print out a grid with your spool file on it. A good tool to use when creating a new form/Check.

Don’t forget that you can Email or create PDF documents of all your merged forms. See more …

Document Management – special pricing to help ACOM customers meet the “New Normal” Read more….

When disaster strikes be ready. Obtain a mirror license at 50% off list – with no maintenance cost.

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