Would you rather your employees spend much of their workdays resetting customer passwords, or would you prefer their technical skills be put to use with more valuable work?

IT professionals generally have a lot more to offer than simply performing mundane, repetitive tasks. And as I’ve noted in a previous blog, 85% of IT professionals say that intellectually stimulating activity is the most important factor in their job satisfaction.

In addition to fostering happy (and consequently, productive) workers, consider the benefits of automation. For instance, if customers were given the ability to reset passwords themselves, help desk call volume would decrease substantially, allowing workers to focus on higher value work. While resetting a password is simple, automating the process solves for one of the most common, distracting and time-consuming tasks IT professionals encounter. Imagine the tasks your IT team would be able to tackle if similar mundane/repetitive tasks were automated.

I’d like to note though, that bypassing IT support to reset passwords might not be possible in certain industries with specific, strict security regulations. Make sure you check with your CTO, CIO or similar figure to see if this is a possibility.

One example, concerning credit card payments: Credit card numbers are not to be transmitted via email or even by e-fax. As much as we’d like to ditch those old fax machines, this outdated manual process is required for compliance, and consequently, liability protection in the event that any data is exposed.

When business automation is possible, it saves time and stress while increasing revenue. And it’s not just limited to IT- automation can benefit almost any department, including accounts payable and HR.

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