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ACOM’s AP Payments Automation Software has been trusted by hundreds of Infor XA (formally MAPICS) customer accounts for more than 25 years.  ACOM offers a proven resource for payment and document process automation, ensuring each customer faster results with fewer problems.

ACOM’s AP Automation Solution

ACOM’s AP Automation Solution enables Infor XA (MAPICS) users to automate their entire Accounts Payable process, from vendor invoices to vendor payments.  Our solutions improve staff productivity and reduce the overall cost of invoice processing by 80-90%… Guaranteed!

Save time and money by streamlining your Accounts Payable (AP) processes

ACOM enables you to convert your manual document and payment efforts into more modern, automated processes. Improve your cash flow management with a single, integrated AP Payments Hub that includes electronic payments and digital archiving; all without costly or time-consuming custom programming.

Discover how we can help you eliminate unnecessary spending, increase department productivity, and improve supplier/customer relations. We can provide:

  • MICR laser check printing — with remittance overflow capabilities
  • Positive Pay
  • Electronic ACH payments and remittance details (email payment notification)
  • Automate credit card payments to vendors
  • Form output and distribution (POs, 1099s, etc…)
  • Archived electronic copy of all payment types with remittance details


Automate your Accounts Payable Process, without sacrificing control

Take the uncertainty out of your payment process, and forget about digging through paper trails to pull up a payment status. With our user-friendly dashboard, we have ensured that each user maintains total visibility and control over every step of the process. With all of your electronic file copies for all payment types and payment details on our intuitive platform, answers are just a click away for you and your auditors.

Streamline your Accounts Payable Process your way

Want to modernize parts of your process, but don’t want a complete overhaul? No problem. With ACOM, you can pick and choose exactly what you want automated, and what you would like to remain unchanged.  As the software developers of this unique payment portal, we have the resources to help address your specific needs to your satisfaction.

See below for two success stories on how ACOM’s customizable solutions helped out these Infor XA (MAPICS) user.

Add power to your Infor XA / MAPICS Solution

ACOM’s flexible, modular architecture minimizes the risks associated with new IT implementations, and lets you selectively automate the financial processes that provide the highest returns.

With over 25 years of experience extending Infor XA / MAPICS system capabilities, ACOM can integrate with almost any computing platform and accounting system, helping you monitor and control your organization’s finances more effectively. ACOM can help you best leverage your investment in Infor XA / MAPICS to improve the efficiency of your finance and accounting processes even more.