Customers Using The IBM i Platform

Can Now Take Advantage of the Cloud

Through our Partnership with Eradani

Eliminate the cost of managing and maintaining your on-premise equipment;
all without any change to how you operate your ACOM applications

It’s a challenging environment out there
and CTOs and IT managers are concerned

  • Concerned that their hardware is off-support and it’s too expensive to buy new equipment
  • Frustrated with the costs of maintaining equipment on-site and the continuous updating required
  • Worried about the constant movement of IT resources and retiring system administrators
  • Stressed about meeting the demands of evolving network, security and technologies

Always run on latest IBM i OS Release and hardware and eliminate significant costs with Eradani True-Cloud

  • Eliminate the headaches and costs related to housing and maintaining IBM i hardware and software on-premise – all without change to the way you operate your ACOM applications
  • No longer worry about legacy equipment, product life-cycle changes or maintaining the proper cumulative PTFs, & OS updates
  • Paying for only what you use means added value with your IBM i platform in the cloud – and substantial savings overall
  • Take advantage of a highly secure and a fully managed enterprise cloud – with 24 X 7 IBM i OS support always available
  • Back-ups are available along with daily status reports –  so no more media and off-site storage costs
  • Snapshot readily available when you’re making program changes and need to revert back

See what IBM i Cloud Hosting could mean for your company

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