Electronic Payments & AP Automation Solutions

Streamline Your Accounts Payable Process

With ACOM Solutions ePayments platform, you can easily automate virtual payments to your vendors, reduce costs by going paperless, earn cash rebates, and mitigate risks. 

Benefits of AP Automation & Electronic Payments

There are many direct and indirect benefits of automating your B2B payment process that you may not know are possible. Aside from streamlining your AP processes, there are financial benefits including the creation of a new profit center for your company.

Reduce Invoicing Processing Costs

Reduce Invoice Processing Costs

Reduce costs by more than 75% by switching to automated invoicing – accuracy guaranteed at 99.8%.

Transform Accounts Payable into Profit Center

Transform Accounts Payable into a Profit Center

Better manage outbound cash flows, leverage early payment discounts and earn rebates on card e-payments.

Mitigate Payment Fraud

Mitigate Payment Fraud

Reduce the risk of payment fraud by 90% with secure electronic payments to vendors.

Paper-Based vs. Automated AP & Electronic Payments

See how B2B e-payment automation eliminates manual processes without changing the way you work.

How AP Automation & Electronic Payments Improve Processes

“This was the absolute right choice for us. ACOM erased all of the time, effort and cost for us to make payments. The late payment calls have ended, vendors are happy and we can even qualify for early payment discounts.

Automating our payments easily frees-up 40-50 hours per month, enabling accounting staff to now focus on more meaningful work.”

Greg Yann

Controller, Menorah Manor

Why should I use ACOM Solutions to automate AP and pay vendors online?

ACOM Solutions makes it easy for organizations to pay vendors online. This will reduce the costs and risks of processing invoices and paying vendors, while delivering value to your company.  

Seamless ERP Integration Software Add-on

Our solution goes in fast, integrates with more than 100 leading ERP and accounting software systems across most industries, and is backed by comprehensive services proven to drive supplier adoption.

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