Electronic Data Interchange

Connect with ANY trading partner in ANY industry and seamlessly integrate with virtually ANY application.

Designed for full compatibility with most backend systems, ACOM EZConnect EDI integrates with ERP’s, warehouse management, accounting and other business system software.

Any Format, Every Time

EZConnect processes virtually any file format – EDI, XML, delimited, fixed length and more.

Mapping in Real Time

Map your data from ongoing transactions right on the fly. No need to retest other systems.

Completely Searchable

Finding specific transactions is easy. Everything is searchable with an almost endless set of criteria.

ACOM’s EZConnect Enables Companies to:

Automate data flows that generate EDI messages from internal data and process incoming EDI messages

Build complex, hierarchical EDI transactions using EZConnect’s unique visual designer

Integrate data flows and EDI messages with internal applications and databases

Benefits of Automating Paper-Based Tasks

  • Integrated, user-friendly environment with full range of EDI functionality
  • Provide staff the tools to be more productive on higher-value work
  • Streamline your ability to enter new territories and markets with a common business language
  • Reduce order-to-cash cycle time by more than 25%
  • Process all sizes of data volumes with high-performance streaming
  • Improve data quality, delivering 30%-60% reduction in transaction errors
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