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Businesses can’t move at today’s fast pace when they are submerged under piles of paper.
ACOM’s EZContentManager helps you manage and process documents automatically, securely and from anywhere

“EZCM has allowed our organization to eliminate the circulation of paper documents in our AP process. Instead of passing invoices between departments and using handwritten notes for coding and other information, our coding and approval is handled 100% electronically.”

Ryan Hamilton
Staff Accountant, Aids Outreach Center Inc.

“Hansen-Mueller has used EZCM for the last 10 years.  We have found it to be a very easy and helpful tool to use in AP process.  One of the features we use regularly is the search function.  With the ability to use either a broad or narrow approach within the different fields make it a powerful tool.  The addition of OCR (optical character recognition) in prepping our invoices is an added benefit.  We would recommend EZCM.”

Robert De Roy
Corporate Purchasing Agent, Hansen-Mueller Co.


“Utilizing EZCM has really streamlined our AP process. We can easily attach our AP invoices directly to the entry in our operating system for all users to view later with the click of a link. We simply enter our invoice, click on the EZCM button, click ‘add invoice’, select the document, and the metadata auto-populates! The invoice is now attached and saved for easy retrieval and viewing later.”

Nikki Russell
Accounts Payable Supervisor, Orr Protection Systems

Document Management And Accounts Payable Workflow Automation



Workflow Automation

Documents are automatically routed to the right person, at the right place and at the right time – workflows configurable for any department function, regardless of the length or complexity of the process.

Document Control

Manage who has access to what information, what they can do with and when, individually and to the actual document level and version. Complete control of all your business information.

Secure Repository

A central repository of all documents and all your vital business information immediately and securely via internet connection from any location your users may be working from.

Audit-Ready Information

Meet regulatory and industry requirements by securely storing & tracking information with a complete audit trail of what was read, modified or changed; when & by whom – fully accessible in real-time.

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AP Workflow Automation

Accelerate AP processing, reduce costs and increase efficiency from invoice receipt through payment processing.
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Security and Compliance

Over 35 years of experience improving data protection & security for thousands of organizations worldwide
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Manage, Process and Share Business Information Wherever You’re Working From

Look across your organization then add up the inordinate amount of time spent searching for and processing paper documents. It becomes clear how these inefficiencies can decelerate business growth and reduce profit margins.

EZContentManager Enterprise Document Management enables you to capture content, digital images and documents in any file format; then automatically route, store, access and track quickly and easily from anywhere via your computer and mobile device.

Secure Archival, Access Control and Data Protection Capabilities

Whether it’s invoices, insurance claims, employee records or other documents containing critical and sensitive information, all information is stored in a secure central repository with a wide array of user rights and administrative controls. Securely manage who has access to what information and what they can do with it…individually and right down to the document level and version.

EZContentManager’s audit trail functionality works to support legal, regulatory and industry requirements – to know where, who, and how a document was read, downloaded or changed, with all documents in their native file formats. Complete management of where and how long you retain information to comply with government and legal mandates.

Streamline Invoice Processing and Repeatable Business Processes for Any Department

Accounting is probably the most paper-intensive area in most businesses, and automating the accounts payable process remains a high priority for many of our customers. EZContentManager’s workflow functionality, enables companies to use the application for multiple departments; ensuring that important business processes are done the proper way and sequence every time.

A great example is in Human Resources where you may want to define a process workflow for onboarding employees – to ensure that all new employees get the information, resources and policies they need; flowing from one stage to next until everything is completed

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