ACOM Solutions and Eradani Join in a Strategic Partnership Bringing the Cost-Effectiveness of
the Cloud to IBM i System Users

LONG BEACH, Calif., August 14, 2020 — ACOM Solutions and Eradani, Inc. announce a new strategic partnership bringing the flexibility of a cloud- based environment to IBMi system users. ACOM is a leading provider of document and payment output management solutions that help organizations optimize and manage their complete document and disbursement lifecycles for IBMi , Windows and ERP applications. Eradani is a provider of cutting-edge cloud-based infrastructure, integration and automation tools for IBMi applications, enabling customers to eliminate the costs of housing, maintaining and upgrading their on-premise IBM i , UNIX, Windows and Linux systems.

This collaboration delivers all the cost effectiveness and productivity benefits of Cloud Computing to
organizations using ACOM applications with their IBM i systems. Users can now easily take advantage of IBM i Cloud capabilities like increased computing power on-demand, inexpensive backups, infrastructure cost elimination, ecosystem snapshots and test environment cloning.

“We’re excited to partner with Eradani. They’re an innovative technology solution provider, laser-focused on meeting the changing business needs and economic challenges in today’s business environment,” said ACOM President and CEO Patrick McMahon. Customers can now eliminate the cost of managing and maintaining their on-premise machines; all without any change to how they operate their ACOM applications. And no more IBM lifecycle issues as customers are always running on the latest OS and hardware without having to manage the upgrades themselves – a value-add for any organization,” he added. Read more

“The immense popularity of ACOM’s IBM i-based document and payment management system and their reputation for high quality products and support make ACOM an ideal partner for Eradani,” says Daniel Magid, CEO of Eradani. “When moving IBM i on-premise workloads to the Cloud, customers want to know they are working with an established vendor they can rely on and trust to protect their systems. ACOM has proven over the years that they are exactly that kind of vendor,” Magid says. “Putting together ACOM’s reach and reputation with Eradani’s technical Cloud expertise creates a winning combination for IBM i customers,” adds Magid.

About ACOM Solutions

ACOM ( is a leading provider of document and payment output management solutions that help organizations optimize and manage their complete document and disbursement lifecycles. The company’s applications serve over 2,000 mid-market commercial businesses and municipal government entities primarily in North America, and in organizations in the Netherlands, Germany, Mexico and Australia.  From document generation, workflow processing and archival, to the creation and distribution of documents, files, forms and payment transactions, ACOM has helped to streamline document, process and payment management in IBM i, Windows and ERP applications since 1983.

About Eradani

Eradani ( is the leader in helping IBM i users adopt the latest innovations in technology. They make it easy for companies to take advantage of the power and cost-effectiveness of advanced Cloud Computing. They also provide software solutions for connecting the latest user interface, open source and web service technology to IBM i applications. Eradani’s IBM Champions provide expert services to ensure IBM i organizations realize the significant value offered by new technology available on the IBM i.

ACOM Solutions