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Manufacturing Compliance


Document management combines with powerful workflow automation protecting manufacturers from hefty non-compliance fines by securely automated storing, routing and tracking their critical documents.

Manufacturers operate in a rapidly paced and ever-changing industry; most always open to finding solutions that can drive better efficiencies in their business processes and for keeping in front of compliance requirements. Additionally, organized data is crucial in staying ahead of the competition. Relying on revenue-draining paper, which is as hard to find as it is easy to lose, frequently causes problems for manufacturing companies. With  EZContentManger’s (EZCM) powerful workflow engine organizations can easily handle the often multifaceted and lengthy manufacturing business processes regardless of their complexity.

The inability to produce a document during an audit or recall could cost significant dollars. With EZCM manufacturers are able to quickly and easily store scanned and digitized electronic manufacturing documents records, process sheets, master batch records, routing sheets and all of their critical data in a secure central repository. Authorized users are then able to locate and remotely share documents and related information with auditors in real-time.

  Audit-Ready Role-Based Secure Access

In manufacturing, tracking the flow of business, its supporting processes and documentation is vital EZCM’s role-based security manages who has access to what information and what they can do with it; individually and right down to the document level – to let you know where, who, and how a document was read, downloaded or changed, managed with all documents in their native file formats.  EZCM administrators can also manage where and how long you retain information to comply with legal and compliance mandates and audit.

  Workflow Automation

EZCM’s powerful workflow automation engine combines with document management to ensure that each document is automatically routed to the right person at the right place and at the right time- complete with timed alerts, any number of alternate routing steps and it can be configured to any workflow length or complexity.

  Document Management

A secure repository for all manufacturing documents, with administratively controlled authorized access from wherever staff may be working from. Secure authorized access to reports, logs and vital manufacturing documents instantly from your computer or mobile device Locate and and share documents, reports, diagrams or any business documents with auditors locally or remotely, and without any business interruption

   Quality Control

Unrivaled quality control tools to track documents, processes and their flow of any vital manufacturing information in real-time. Version control to track document approvals, revisions revisions, communications, record authorizations, and notifications to keep the right people informed at the proper time.

Automated workflows build reliability and repeatability into manufacturing processes, while eliminating errors, delays, and duplications caused by manual processes.

   Manufacturing Records Management and Audit

Maintain and conform with regulatory and compliance requirements for manufacturing procedures, complete with an electronic log of all activity and records through an easily searchable repository where all information is stored in its native format – verifiable accuracy that speeds-up the entire auditing process

Document Management Benefits in Manufacturing
                          • Immediate and secure access to manufacturing and quality control records from anywhere staff is located
                          • Automate role-based workflows with alarm, notifications and timed alternate routing
                          • Manage processes and manufacturing procedures for continuous improvement
                          • Robust tracking to analyze to change routing and decision processes in real-time
                          • Powerful audit trail tools for quality control and audit

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