EZConnect EDI Version 12.2 Release

Final release of EZConnect version 12.2 is now available for customer download. This release is a complete consolidation of the features, services and functionality of all EZConnect 9.x, 10.x, and 11.x with a updated core translator to power through your documents.Simply email  EZConnect Support to receive your download.

Document Crushing Translation Speeds

Complex or extreme documents volumes are never a problem – 1 Million + docs and files in excess of 10MB and higher. The software’s document crushing translation speeds deliver outstanding benchmarking results; demonstrating that EZConnect quickly translates all document types (DataBase, EDI, XML, Flat File, EDIFact) with better memory management and multi-core threading of documents.


EZConnect Release Timeline

Release 9x

The original EZConnect translator (rewritten from version 8 in C#) Core features include:

  • Trading Partner setup and management
  • Support EDI, XML, DataBase and Flat File maps and document processing
  • Ability to imbed business logic in maps using C#
  • File and key data value document tracking
  • Background document processing

Release 10x

Core features include:

  • EDIFact mapping and document processing features
  • GLOBAL Data Retention Policy manager
  • FTP and SFTP communications
  • AS2 communications

Release 11x

  • True 64 bit version, all 32 bit components removed
  • Upgraded User Interface
  • Support of external command libraries
  • Enhanced XML mapping features

Release 12x

  • Core translator rebuilt with quantum improvements in document processing speed and performance for all document types.

NOTE: Previous versions of EZConnect will sunset soon. You can upgrade yourself or have ACOM Professional Services assist where needed. Contact us to discuss

New to EDI or want to brush up on what new acronyms have been invented? Check out your EDI Glossary of Terminology here… 

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