Convert P.O.’s, invoices, statements, expense reports or any IBM System i documents into PDF format

COVID-19 completely upended the traditional approach to working. As the economy begins to re-open post-pandemic, the new normal of work, business travel, and office space is being redefined and discovered across industries. Along with this new normal, comes an increased need  to quickly process and securely share business information regardless of location. We’re seeing this among ACOM customers as demand for network connection and software utilities like EZPDF grows.

The EZPDF software module gives System i users the ability to convert spool files directly into PDF format, enabling them to view documents on-screen, print, post on the internet, or electronically file documents for later viewing and distribution. Unlike other PDF converters, there is no complex implementation required to put this PDF conversion utility into action. EZPDF works seamlessly with your EZeDocs/400 eForms solution by merging forms with individual spool files, then converting the merged files directly into PDF format.  Read More…



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