Automation Streamlines
Human Resource Processes

Document management combines with powerful workflow automation to keep your
organization’s Human Resources department efficient and on top of compliance

Focus on People, Not Paperwork

With EZContentManger (EZCM) Enterprise Document Management your Human Resources staff are able to quickly and easily store scanned and digitized electronic employee records in a secure central repository –  documents such as resumes, forms, applications, reference verifications, W-4s, I-9s, insurance forms and more. Authorized users are then able to search and view documents and related information.

Role-Based Secure Access

EZCM’s role-based security manages who has access to what information and what they can do with it; individually and right down to the document level – to let you know where, who, and how a document was read, downloaded or changed, managed with all documents in their native file formats.  EZCM administrators can manage where and how long you retain information to comply with compliance and legal mandates and audit.  

Workflow Automation

EZCM’s powerful workflow automation engine combines with document management to ensure that each document is automatically routed to the right person at the right place and at the right time- complete with timed alerts, any number of alternate routing steps and it can be configured to any workflow length or complexity.  The system enables HR departments to automate and manage a variety of processes, including recruitment, on-boarding, training, and auditing.

A secure repository for HR documents with administrative controls & authorized access from wherever HR staff may be working from.

Grant employees individual self-service access to their personal records, insurance forms and grant the ability to change/update enrollments, tax information and more.
Securely view employee records with a timeline of all changes and additions in order to help organizations meet both internal and external audit requirements.
Create workflows to automatically distribute job requisitions, policies and procedures and benefits documents, to track their progress through completion.

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