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Different Industries, Similar Needs

ACOM solutions are already used by over 4,000 organizations globally.


  • Document Production Output
  • Workflow Process Automation
  • Enterprise Content Management
  • Payment Solutions

…are all designed to build upon each client’s specific business and industry requirements. 

In each industry and public sector environment ACOM adapts to an organization’s existing business processes to help make them work smarter, faster and more efficiently.

Education Industry

Education Industry

Educational Institutions Document & Payment Automation

Helping solve financial pressures for tax-supported institutions, public schools school districts and higher education. The Education sectors are traditionally paper-intensive, document and manual process driven environments.

This is the case in:

  • admissions
  • financial aid
  • registration
  • athletic departments
  • human resources
  • and accounting

Private institutions, colleges and universities struggle to deliver quality education under limited resources as well. In education, innovation must be applied to achieve organizational efficiency…

Hospitality Industry Document & Payment Automation

Simplifying Complex Operations When Your Services Are at Stake!

Hospitality is among the most dynamic, and certainly one of the busiest industries. Meanwhile balancing the tasks of providing state-of-art facilities to customers and keeping an eye on costs.

Whether you’re running a small hotel or a giant casino-resort complex, the basics are the same:

…you have to check guests in, provide them with quality services, and assemble, prepare and deliver their charges. Meanwhile, you have to pay the help, the vendors and, particularly if there’s gambling involved, the government.

It’s not easy, but you can make your work simpler with ACOM.

In fact, most of the major casinos in the United States rely on electronic document and payment systems from ACOM to run their operations.

More Insurance Industry Information

Hospitality Industry

Hospitality Industry

The Insurance Industry & ACOM

Insurance Industry

Document & Payment Automation for the Insurance Industry

ACOM’s process and content management solutions enable agents and insurance carriers get a control of the daily processes that drive business – and the massive volume of documents that are generated.

From application to underwriting, through the administration and settlement of claims, the Insurance Industry is paper-intensive – involving the review and evaluation of documents and often the generation of new paper – right through to the issuance of a check.

Paper-handling is expensive, from the printing and storage of a library of forms to the creation, processing and archiving of the actual documents.

It is time and people-intensive work.

Contemporary insurance agencies can now reduce their physical costs and make better use of their people.

How? By moving away from traditional paper-based processes and establishing an efficient office environment based on electronic workflow.

Manufacturing Industry

Manufacturing Document Management & Payment Process Automation

If you’re using manual steps to bridge the gap between paper and digital information, there’s a disconnect between your people and critical information that drives your business.

And employee productivity and customer service can pay the price.

In manufacturing, making the product is only part of the job. You order and assemble raw materials and/or components and store them, then assemble on the production floor. Once assembled you have to store the finished product, ship it, keep track of its movement and get paid for it.

Each of these process step requires documentation…and that means a lot of paper work…