Meet the Leadership Team

Patrick McMahon

President and CEO

Prior to joining ACOM in 1997, Patrick McMahon was chief of operations at Strategic Mortgage Services, a $120 million provider of software solutions and information processing services to the mortgage, banking and real estate industries.

James R. Scott

Senior VP, Core Business Division

Since 1997, James Scott has worked at ACOM as the Senior Vice President of Business Development. He has over 30 years of experience, and is responsible for developing strategic relationships with partners to help drive revenue and strengthen important mutual customer relationships.

Mark Firmin

Senior VP
General Manager – ACOM Health

Mark Firmin is general manager of ACOM’s Healthcare Business Division. He joined ACOM through the company’s acquisition of Formula One Systems, of which he was a principal.

Sam Mikhail

Senior VP of Sales, Core Business

Sam Mikhail began his ACOM career as a sales account executive in 1993. He rapidly advanced to regional manager, and has subsequently held positions as director of sales in several of the company’s divisions. 

Steven R. Snider

Chief Financial Officer

A dynamic leader for our financial group, Steven Snider has been on our team since 1993 and has over 40 years of experience. Before joining ACOM, Steven spent 12 years as the accounting manager at Petrolane Gas Service, an oil and gas company. 

Hoang Nguyen

VP of Technology and Development

Hoang Nguyen is our vice president of technology and development, and has been with ACOM since 2000. With over 30 years of experience, he has developed for the airline industry, and participated in the ISO 9000 Certification program. 

Tony Chavez

Vice President of Operations, eBusiness Division

Tony Chavez is our vice president of operations, and has spent his entire 25-year career at ACOM. He began as a technician, then later moved on to technical support. Prior to his current role, he has served as project manager, tech support manager, and professional services manager. 

Kevin Killworth

Vice President of Channel Operations

With over 25 years of experience, Vice President of Channel Operations Kevin Killworth has been on our ACOM team since 2011. He oversees the company’s product design and development for our cloud platform, which includes OCR, invoice automation, and payment automation. Kevin also manages implementation teams and consulting services.

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