Payment Management

Bring company payments under control with powerful IBM® management tools for the enterprise.


Transition manual, labor-intensive disbursements to electronic payment processing.

Check-printing, electronic payments and notifications for IBM® financial applications.

Send Electronic and ACH Payments

Generate AP, payroll, and other payments without maintaining a separate spool file for printed checks vs. electronic payments. 

Enable Payment Notifications

Send notifications directly to the payees via email or fax.

Speed Up Check Printing

Distribute your printing to multiple printers at the same time to print checks faster.

Payment Options

  • Laser-Printed Checks
  • Electronic Payments (ACH Module)

Payment Notification Options

  • Email 
  • Fax
  • Laser-Printed

Other Modules

  • Check Fraud Alert (Positive Pay)
  • Manual Checks
  • Selected Access Security
  • Sorting & Linking
  • Cluster & Distributed printing
  • Archiving (EZContentManager)
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