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In most organizations today, you will find there is a growing need for improving security practices surrounding confidential data. A breach in data security has a negative impact on a business, often with riveting consequences. It can easily damage the reputation of the brand of an organization and can quickly reduce confidence in the business. Security breaches of sensitive information can also lead to lawsuits and costly fines for non-compliance. That’s why it is more important than ever to ensure the complete security of documents and all business information assets.

From HR files, insurance claims, financial reports or other documents and records containing sensitive and private information, EZContent Manager (EZCM) is specifically designed to help organizations improve their data security, compliance and reduce the risk of fraud.

Security features are an integral part of EZCM document management software; features such as user rights and administrative controls, enable organizations to manage who has access, what can be done with document and by whom. Powerful audit tracking ensures that every document, user  and action taken can be tracked and reported on, providing management with insight and the tools necessary to more easily meet compliance requirements.

Secure Central

Secure Access

Easily determine who has access to what information and what they can do with it; individually and right down to the document level – to let you know where, who, and how a document was read, downloaded or changed, managed with all documents in their native file formats. 

Meet Compliance

Business have the ability to put rules in place, to account for every single workflow exception and to notify the responsible parties to give attention to an item. Proving your business’s adherence to compliance regulations is faster through an easy-to-produce digital audit trail.

Back-up and

All your critical business information and records in one central and secure repository; configurable to meet your company’s back-up recovery and encryption operating procedures, compliance, regulatory
and records retention requirements.

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