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The ACOM part of the implementation was quick and straightforward, just a couple of days. I’m a big proponent of ACOM. It’s hard to get this kind of personal support from any other software vendor.

Bob Gnewuch

Business Project Manager, Western Dental

Western Dental logoWestern Dental

 The Challenge

Western Dental wanted to streamline ordering dental supplies and implants for its 400+ offices—and at the same time, migrate JD Edwards from an iSeries with Oracle database to Windows with Microsoft SQL Server.

The Solution

ACOM’s EZConnect translator mapped the JD Edwards staging tables directly to EDI transactions and supported an extremely smooth migration to the new platform.

The Results

Today, EDI runs smoothly with a major trading partner. Western Dental plans to add more trading partners and EDI transactions and to move JD Edwards to the cloud—all without missing a beat, thanks to EZConnect.

logoTeasdale Quality Foods

The Challenge

The accounting department receives 25 invoices and 30-35 orders per day.  Teasdale needed to automate the processing of 15,000 documents per year. Of the 6,500 invoices, approximately 260 (one per day) would be filed incorrectly, requiring the accounting staff to contact the vendor to acquire a replacement invoice—a process that could take anywhere from 30 minutes to two weeks.

The Solution

Teasdale utilizes Sage ERP for their accounting and enterprise resource planning system. When their trusted ERP consultant was asked for the best way to automate accounts payable and to go paperless, EZCM from ACOM came highly recommended. Although another document management solution was considered, EZCM was chosen for it’s flexibility in automating functionality.

A lot of our users have very limited computer skills, and EZCM is really user-friendly and a simple system. They don’t have to go into different windows to file an item and it’s easy to create a new workflow process. The system is so user-friendly that it didn’t require any training by ACOM.

Alfred Tinoco

Director of IT, Teasdale Quality Foods

Our fundamental requirements were that any new solution be easy to use, easy to install, easy to learn, easy on our iSeries resources, and easy to migrate documents to the content management system.

Gloria Geisert

Network Administrator, SMWD

SMWD-LogoSanta Margarita Water District

The Challenge

Management determined several years ago that their administrative, engineering, finance and human resources information should be consolidated into one easy-to-manage document repository.

The Solution

SMWD knew that broadening the scope of their initial electronic document management initiative was the right thing to do based on the challenges they were facing. The district’s previous acquisition of two ACOM productivity solutions enabled the implementation of electronic document processes: EZeDocs/400, an electronic document solution, and EZPayManager/400, for generating MICR laser checks.

Download Case Study (PDF)

centroidThe Centroid Group

The Challenge

The company’s homegrown system uses XML and Webbased standards too advanced for many of its carriers. Centroid needs to communicate with many trading partners using the older ANSI X.12 EDI standards.

The Solution

ACOM’s EZConnect translator took only a couple of days to implement, and now flawlessly translates hundreds of documents a day between EDI and XML in a real-time, event-driven environment. Download Case Study (PDF)

We can often be in the unenviable position of having to pull a rabbit out of a hat. That means having tools he can trust to keep things moving.

Jim Fiorin


The Venetian Resort-Hotel-Casino

The Challenge

The Venetian experienced heavy usage in printing its  set of 20- plus business forms on a constant basis, as well as more than 5,600 payroll and hundreds of accounts payable checks each week. The laser printers that output the documents and checks had begun to wear out, but replacing them would not be simple. The software system in use was designed to output only to specific models of laser printers, and additional programming would be necessary if newer printers were brought in.

The Solution

After considering multiple alternatives, The Venetian’s IT department Software Development Manager, Drew Courtney found the answer in two software systems developed by ACOM Solutions, Inc.

  • EZeDocs/400 – an electronic document design, production and distribution solution.
  • „EZPayManager/400 – a comprehensive payment management solution, with both MICR laser printer and electronic payment capabilities.

Takata North America

The Challenge

In an effort to update their payment processing software, Infinium user, Takata North America installed ACOM’s MICR laser payment solution processing software on an IBM iSeries computer at their Cheraw, N.C., plant. Implementation of payroll operations in five manufacturing subsidiaries and the holding company offices is also underway.

The Solution

ACOM Solutions provides total payment solutions including the software component of ACOM’s vertically integrated MICR laser payment processing solution, includes IBM forms design software, Xerox MICR-Enhanced DocuPrint Network Laser Printers, Cut Sheet blank safety check stock, MICR toner and other laser printer consumables, and folder-sealer post processing equipment. Download Case Study (PDF)

DIRTT Manufacturing

The Challenge

A preeminent North American customer interior design and manufacturing company, DIRTT faced a dilemma common to successful manufacturers experiencing rapid growth. They were processing invoices manually throughout their facilities, and were faced with having to hire more AP staff to scale up operations. With 70% of vendors already emailing invoices, DIRTT was positioned to benefit from automated invoice capture and workflow. However, the company’s manual processes were undermining the potential efficiency gains.  “We were essentially taking an electronic process and making it manual. There was no way to track who was not approving invoices or where a particular invoice was in the process” said Brody Leitner, DIRTT Project Manager

Download the Case Study to see how ACOM Solutions helped DIRTT turn their issues around

Download the Case Study

Ultimately, we decided we wanted a solution that was natively integrated with our accounting software. DIRTT narrowed in on ACOM Solutions as the integrator that could provide the best combination. Yet it was ACOM’s philosophy as software developers that sealed the deal. They understand software and they think how we think.

Brody Leitner

Project Manager, DIRTT Manufacturing

Where eight people previously worked frantically to complete the payroll, there are now just three people in the printer room .

Greg Podjan

Payroll Department Manager, Sally Beauty Supply

Sally Beauty Supply

The Challenge

SallyBeautyLogo3Hourly employee turnover in in a network of specialty stores like Sally Beauty is historically high; a challenge for their well-organized direct deposit program. Additionally, the number of hours employees work often varies, resulting in different data for each pay period.

The Solution

ACOM’s payment solutions not only help prevent check fraud, but it also reduces check disbursement costs substantially.

Download the Case Study
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