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SunGard Public Sector Transactional Document
and Payment Process Automation

Sungard Approved Solution Selected by SunGard Public Sector (formerly HTE)

Trusted by more than 160 SunGard customers in local government and the public sector, ACOM offers a proven SunGard resource for payment and document process automation, ensuring faster implementation speeds with fewer problems.

Integrates with GMBA and Infisys, works natively on IBM® Powers Systems (AS/400) and Windows platforms to provide:

  • Laser check printing — with remittance overflow capabilities
  • Electronic ACH payments and remittance details (payment notification)
  • Forms output and distribution
  • Transactional document process automation
  • Document management and archiving

Save time and money by automating your accounts payable (AP) processes

ACOM enables you to convert your manual document and payment efforts into automated processes, such as electronic invoice processing, electronic payments, and electronic archiving and retrieval — without costly or time-consuming custom programming.

Helping you to:

  • Improve cash flow management.
  • Increase efficiency and productivity
  • Improve supplier and customer relations
  • Reduce costs in finance and accounting departments

Automate and streamline Accounts Payable processes

Convert all or just part of your process to a totally electronic environment. You may automate the entire process or just one phase.

  • Automate PO approval and distribution
  • Capture and convert inbound invoices
  • Automate invoice processing and approval
  • Convert vendor payments to ACH with electronic remittance
  • Provide vendors with a self-service portal to review payment status/history and manage account preferences
  • Electronically link and store AP documents in web-accessible archive

Add power to your SunGard Public Sector Solution

ACOM’s flexible, modular architecture minimizes the risks associated with new IT implementations and lets you selectively automate the financial processes that provide the highest returns.

  • Seamless implementation with GMBA and Infisys
  • Fast install with Quick-start document sets
  • Modular architecture facilitates rapid deployments
  • Over 10 years of experience extending SunGard Public Sector system capabilities

Your SunGard system has helped you monitor and control your organization’s finances more effectively. ACOM can help you leverage your investment in SunGard Public Sector to improve the efficiency of your finance and accounting processes even more.

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