How Payments Automation Supports CFO Decision-making

Businesses are counting on their CFOs to provide strategic insights to help drive growth. But most CFOs cannot access the financial information they need, when they need it. The root of the problem is the manual and semi-automated accounts payable...

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7 Ways to Drive Supplier Adoption of Electronic Payments

Paying suppliers electronically can deliver value across your enterprise. But those benefits will remain out of reach without an effective plan for enrolling suppliers. Don’t leave money on the table! How to convince suppliers to accept electronic payments Follow...

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Why Paying Suppliers With Electronic Payments Matters

The proliferation of mobile applications such as Uber and Amazon have made user experience a top of mind issue.  As consumers, we are all exposed to good and bad user experiences every day. Now more businesses are leveraging their user experience to differentiate...

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How to Achieve Buy-in for Your Electronic Payments Project

More organizations are automating their payments to suppliers to eliminate the costs, errors, inefficiencies and risks associated with paper checks. In fact, electronic payments are the top automation priority of accounts payable department, according to Institute of...

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Declare Your Independence from Paper Checks

A long-overdue revolution is occurring in the way that businesses pay their suppliers. Approximately three-quarters of businesses are increasing the percentage of payments to suppliers that they make electronically, the Association for Financial Professionals (AFP)...

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