Acquiring and Building
B2B Tech Companies

Since 1983 ACOM has helped entrepreneurs realize the value of their
hard-earned equity and have taken their businesses to the next level of success.
Our focus is on acquisitions of technology companies with annual revenues of $10M or less

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Active Portfolio

EDI Commerce

Automate the processing & direct integration of trading partner communications across the supply chain

IBM i AS/400

Document, Payment and Forms Management software for the IBM i  AS/400 users in any industry

AP Workflow Automation

Manage and process documents and information automatically, securely and from anywhere


A single platform for automating, decision processing and managing the entire B2B payment cycle

Industry Sectors Served


Financial Services


Logistics and Distribution

Public Sector



Exit Successes


ACOMPay Automated Accounts Payable Cloud Platform acquired by American Express


ACOM Health Chiropractic Electronic Health Records and Practice Management Software acquired by Waud Capital Partners Private Equity

Revenue Cycle Management

ACOM Medical Billing Services for multi specialist physician groups acquired by Aqreva Medical Billing, LLC

ACOM Solutions