AP Automation
Starts with Payments

Implementing electronic payments is the fastest and easiest way to drive AP savings plus you’ll earn rebate revenue from your AP spend.

The acompay™ Intelligent Payment Platform

One Payment. One AP File for All of Your Supplier Payments.

Consolidate all of your payments, regardless of payment type.

Free Your AP Staff

By automating payments, AP staff is free from onboarding & managing suppliers.

It also means no more reconciling payments, saving valuable resources, time and money.

Optimize Cash Management

Process payments more efficiently.

Take better advantage of early payment discounts and opportunities to extend payment terms.

Quick to Start Without Change to Existing Software

acompay™ integrates seamlessly with your accounting and ERP systems.

Unlock the Value in Your Payment Process

Achieve outstanding results and earn cash back revenue as you pay your suppliers.

Already Working with a Bank?



Banks will often only send card payments.


acompay™ handles all of your payments.

Our secure platform then routes your payment accordingly, regardless of payment type.

Banks will often enroll less than 20% of your suppliers.


acompay™ enrolls and provides continuous management of 100% of your suppliers.

Banks have customers track down their own payments to confirm supplier acceptance.


acompay™ does all the work, ensuring that 100% of your payments are settled.


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