Accounts Payable Automation Solution

ACOMPay is the ePayments hub for your best of breed AP automation solution

Free your AP department from the constraints of manual processes with completely paperless AP automation. Automating AP will have financial and operational benefits starting on Day One.

Learn How to Automate AP to Lower Transaction Costs & Optimize your Working Capital

Accounts payable staff spend more than 80% of their time paying suppliers in a paper-based environment.

An end-to-end accounts payable and payment automation solution simplifies the entire invoice process to lower transaction costs and give you control of your working capital.

The ACOMPay hub becomes the ePayment solution in an automated Accounts Payable process.

Paper Based vs. Automated Accounts Payable

See how B2B e-payment automation eliminates manual processes without changing the way you work.

How AP Automation & Electronic Payments Improve Processes

The Three Key Elements of a Best of Breed Automated Accounts Payable Solution

Pay Suppliers

  • Securely pay suppliers via check, ACH or card using a single system
  • Earn rebates on card spend
  • Automate the review of suspicious payments
  • Mitigate payment fraud
  • Optimize Cash Management

Capture Invoices

  • Capture invoice data with the latest technolog
  • Seek a solution with 99+% accuracy – no manual keying
  • Ensure the quality of data through a verification process
  • Seamlessly upload invoice data into your ERP or accounting system

Approve Invoices

  • Electronically route invoices for approval based on configurable rules
  • View the status of invoices and make changes on-the-go with mobile access
  • Ensure compliance with audit trails and comprehensive administrative tools

Benefits of Paperless AP Automation

Transform accounts payable into a profit center.

Reduce Invoice Processing Costs by More Than 75%

No more manual keying or shuffling, filing and retrieving paper invoices

Process 10 Times as Many Invoices Per FTE

Free staff to focus on value-added activities

Achieve Guaranteed Accuracy of 99.8%

Preserve your profit margins and strengthen supplier relationships

Capture 7 Times as Many Early-Payment Discounts

Lower the cost of goods and services you buy through faster cycle times

Eliminate the Costs of Paying Suppliers from Day 1

And earn lucrative cash-back rebates on supplier payments made via card

Reduce the Risk of Payment Fraud by 90%

Benefit from secure, transparent and auditable electronic payments and automated fraud alerts

Do you know how much you spend to process invoices and pay suppliers?

Paying suppliers costs you more than you think.

Let ACOM Solutions show you how much you could be saving.

Integrate with Any ERP or Accounting System

Integration with ERP and accounting systems is the #1 criteria accounts payable departments use when selecting an accounts payable automation solution, per IOFM.

See how our accounts payable and payments automation platform can integrate with your system.

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