Dear Valued EZConnect Customer:

Upgrading to Version 11.0 is an important move for EZConnect users. This latest release incorporates all enhancements, updates and modifications of previous versions, along with the significant performance boost of 64-bit processing. The software upgrade is part of your annual maintenance support, so it’s easy to take advantage of.

Following highlights some of the many features and enhancements Version 11.0 brings to your EZConnect system:

  • EDIFact support – you can now create and translate EDIFact files.
  • XML mapping – completely enhanced to include XML to XML and cXML support. Schema support includes .dtd and .xsd file types.
  • Event Driven scheduler – Jobs and processes can now be executed based the existence of data in a directory. We also included a tool called EZJobCommand that will allow you to execute EZConnect jobs using your own preferred scheduling tool.
  • FTP, sFTP and AS2 features have been added to EZConnect. Communications with your trading partners can now be imbedded with your regular job stream.
  • File Retention Manager and Document Tracking  Now have one location to manage all EDI, EDIFact, Flat File and XML file retention based on Trading Partner and Document type. Once the policy trigger is activated EZConnect tracking and the archived physical files are automatically removed from the system. Tracking also includes expanded document key values like PO Number or Invoice Number to easily locate your documents in archives.

Simple to upgrade:
Simply upgrade to EZConnect V.11.0 on your own or schedule assistance from ACOM technical staff at a specially reduced rate. We can also assist with upgrading your server. please ask for details.

Your 2nd copy of EZConnect server software at no additional charge
As part of your Version 11 upgrade we’re including a second copy of EZConnect server software at no additional charge – a savings of $11,350. You just pay annual software maintenance and a reduced Software installation fee of $750.

No annual maintenance increase with Version 11.00
Maintaining the latest in software versions ensures optimum efficiency in your EDI operation and for ACOM in providing you the best in support.  EZConnect Version 11 plays a major part in achieving this business improvement therefore, those upgrading in 2020 will have no increase of annual ACOM maintenance charges in 2021.

Earlier EZConnect Versions – ACOM maintenance support
EDI payments are a vital part of your business operation. With this in mind, ACOM does not have an End-of-Life schedule for earlier versions of EZConnect 9 or 10.  Although we do not discontinue maintenance provision, supporting multiple earlier versions involves a higher degree of complexity, requiring significantly more time and effort of our technical staff.  As a result of this requirement, we will be increasing annual maintenance charges for EZConnect Versions 10.00 through 10.08 beginning in January, 2021.  Support of the much earlier 9.x Version will be at a higher rate of increase in 2021.

Please contact your ACOM EDI specialist today for details and to schedule your EZConnect upgrade. or call directly at 800-347-3638  x1592

Supporting our customers is our #1 priority.  Thank you and stay safe!

Your ACOM EZConnect Support Team


ACOM Solutions