Version 6.0 Release

Final release of EZContentManager is now available for installation. In addition to meeting new and extensive data security requirements, Version 6.0 comes with a host of performance enhancements and considerable improvements in the software user-interface and overall user experience. Please note: Version 6.0 is a required update and part of your active Software Maintenance  Agreement. 

Following is a brief description of EZCM Version 6.0 changes:

Security and Stability

  • Support for Apache Tomcat Version 9.41+ for higher security
  • Official support for the TLS v1.2 SSL Protocol
  • Fix for Apache log4j vulnerability
  • Official Support for Windows Server 2022 and SQL Server 2019
  • SWEET32 vulnerabilities addressed with removal of medium strength ciphers which are considerably easier to exploit in certain circumstances.
  • Periodic User Password change requirement
  • Support for Microsoft Office 365 email
  • Removal of Java dependability on workstations and replacement of all Java Applets with modern HTML and other browser technologies.
  • Support for EZCM database collation independence
  • Upgraded GhostScript libraries for better image manipulation, conversion and security
  • Support for secure internal SQL Connections with saved encrypted connections.
  • Configurable complex password requirements for better user security within the application.


User Interface and User Experience Enhancements

  • All pages have been redesigned with a flat modern theme. Application icons have been replaced with vector images.
  • Outstanding performance improvement to Advanced Search
  • Upgraded navigation capabilities with action buttons in the same area of each page
  • Streamlined Document Check-in process
  • Internal Drag-and-Drop ability added to Cut/Paste and Move functions
  • Support for all modern browsers such as Chrome, Firefox and Edge
  • File Manager loading performance improvements
  • Folder and file manipulation enhancements to File Management

Please note:
There is a July 31, 2022 deadline for implementing these important software changes, after which time we will be required to relinquish and/or change our support operations for earlier EZCM versions.

Customers are only responsible for ACOM Professional Services team assistance. We have done everything possible to minimize the impact of professional services hours required to move your installation into security compliance. Please contact us at ezcmsupport@acom.com to discuss and schedule your software changes.

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