EZConnect EDI

Designed for full compatibility with most backend systems, ACOM EZConnect EDI integrates with ERP’s, warehouse management, accounting and other business system software.


Any Format, Every Time

EZConnect processes virtually any file format – EDI, XML, delimited and fixed length, including any-to-any or direct SQL integration with ODBC-compliant data sources.


Mapping in Real Time

Map your data from ongoing transactions right on the fly with the ability to view results in real-time. There’s no need to go through the compiling and retesting approach of other systems.


Completely Searchable

Finding specific transactions is easy. Everything is searchable with an almost endless set of criteria.

Features to Ease Your Mind

Finally, there is an EDI/XML solution that is fully automated, affordable, and easy to implement. 

Intuitive EDI Software

EZConnect is ACOM’s robust solution for automating the handling, processing and direct integration of EDI (electronic data interchange) communications on IBM and Windows platforms. Intuitive and easy to use, EZConnect is your one stop EDI platform that caters to all your business needs.

Designed for full compatibility with most backend systems, ACOM’s EZConnect EDI integrates with ERPs, warehouse management, accounting and other business system software. Enjoy the scalability of EZConnect, with affordable tiered pricing as you grow and add trading partners. Regardless of your industry or size, we enable integration with every trading partner you have, every time.

Combined with ACOM’s industry leading enterprise content management solutions, EZConnect further strengthens the business-to-business ERP integration capabilities of the entire ACOM product line.

ACOM’s EZConnect Enables Companies to:

Automate data flows that generate EDI messages from internal data and process incoming EDI messages

Build complex, hierarchical EDI transactions using EZConnect’s unique visual designer

Process virtually any file format, including EDI, XML, delimited and fixed length and direct SQL integration with ODBC compliant data sources

Map and view data in real time to quickly correct any mapping errors

Find specific transactions by searching by an abundance of criteria

Integrate data flows and EDI messages with internal applications and databases

Additional Features

Flexible Notifications

More than basic error and key event warnings, EZConnect lets you know what is happening in real time, so you can immediately react. You control your specific notification set up and maintain direct communications.

Functional Acknowledgements

Functional Acknowledgments are immediately generated and reconciled, notifying both parties when transactions are sent and received.


The system maintains a complete log of how each document was translated that is available for review after processing.

Data Retention and Document Tracking

Maintains data retention policy by Trading Partner and Document type, and allows for document tracking using file content as search criteria such as PO number, Invoice number, etc.

Trading Partner Collaboration and Compliance

Manage trading partners, so you always comply with their requirements is a constant challenge. EZConnect makes compliance easy and complete.

Additionally, automatically set up new trading partners with just a single transaction.

Fast Processing of Accurate Business Documents

Fast document processing leads to less re-submitting of orders, fewer stock level issues and fewer cancelled orders. Automating the exchange of data between applications across the supply chain ensures that business-critical data is sent promptly and tracked in real time. The seller immediately benefits from improved cash flow and reduced order-to-cash cycles. Shortened order processing and delivery times enable organizations to reduce inventory levels.

Benefits of Automating Paper-Based Tasks

Reduce order-to-cash cycle time by more than 25% – improving transactions, partner relationships and your competitive edge.

High-performance streaming EDI translator delivers performance and scalability to efficiently process all sizes of data volumes

Enhance customer service; improve the speed of information while eliminating errors inherent in keying and re-keying payment information

Integrated environment with full range of EDI functionality in ACOM’s unified, user-friendly environment

Provide staff the tools to be more productive to concentrate on higher-value work.

Streamline your ability to enter new territories and markets

Provide a common business language that facilitates business partnerships

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